Modern Data Stack


Hiflylabs believes that you and your team first and foremost need flexible and powerful tools—ones that support fast iterations, co-operate seamlessly, and optimize the workflow so you can focus on creating business value. Tools that provide a robust platform while not tying your hands.

That's what we've found in the Modern Data Stack, an emerging set of tools that provides a more flexible alternative to traditional data warehouses, transforming the way companies of all sizes build data platforms.

Modern Data Stack tools are organized primarily around its flagship, dbt. We're proud to be dbt Labs' Preferred Consulting Provider as well as being partners with several other providers in this ecosystem.

Our Agile Approach

After working with multiple companies, we understand that getting your thing done, and getting it done fast is important to you. We've made sure our project methodology reflects that.

At Hiflylabs, agile is practiced true to its manifesto. We aren't process-heavy and are happy to adopt your company's best practices. Or, we can bring our own.

It's important to us that Hiflylabs' customers have faith in what we do, and how we do it. You can reach out to us and we're more than happy to walk you through the process. For social proof, you can always take a look at our references and certificates.

While the first strategy sprint helps you assess our performance, we like to deliver value from conception itself, and our onboarding process enables us to do just that. We're able to kick-off projects immediately, once both parties have mutually agreed on the scope and done the paperwork.

From the second sprint, we keep iterating. Here, the focus is on delivering business value. Frequent, open communication keeps you in the loop, making it easier for you to identify the roadblocks early on and track progress throughout. Subsequently, it provides us critical information to make headway with the project and holds us accountable.

The full no-pay guarantee safeguards your investment in us. The rule is simple: if you're unsatisfied with our performance in the first two weeks, you terminate the contract. No obligations whatsoever.

Quickly Analyze New Data

Quickly Analyze New Data

You've got a new, nontrivial data set and want to build out an environment to analyze it. The problem being, you're unsure about what outcome you want out of it yourself, so you can't spell it out for the corporate data warehouse team. You'd like to build the first few bits fast and then iterate.

We've got you covered.

Hiflylabs has helped clients bring an analytics data mart to life, all set up and ready to deliver its first bits of business value in a matter of weeks.

We usually refine data marts over the course of a few sprints. Later, they either become a stable data mart on their own or merge into the corporate data warehouse in case they have a stabilized set of requirements.

Data Platforms That Scale With You

Data Platforms That Scale With You

You envision a larger data platform, but can only build a small subset of it. Ideally, you want this first piece to be functional and deliver value on its own. It also has to be extensible, even if you're unsure what the next pieces look like.

Your ambitions don't have to be held back by the lack of extra hands or niche expertise.

While building scalable data platforms, we1ve found that the mindset and tooling in and around the Modern Data Stack suits this approach perfectly. Agility is not only a biweekly sprint-based way of thinking: it naturally extends to larger iterations.

Build Your Own Data Mart

Build Your Own Data Mart

All of your data (or most of it) is in your company's systems, a Data Lake or Data Warehouse even. But it's not stored in a way that makes it easy for you to analyze it. Maybe you need to relate data sets in non-trivial ways, or calculate KPIs that have not been institutionalized (or, perhaps, never will).

You speak SQL but you need a structured environment, one that enables you to reliably run your workflow. Possibly, you need quick and easy access points to the data from your own tools, or need tools that help you with the analysis.

You can transform the environment and make your data accessible with Hiflylabs.

We often help analysts set up environments that are conducive for analysis. The Modern Data Stack makes it unchallenging for an analyst with a few technical skills to operate or even modify a flexible and effective environment that brings the data to the analyses and mostly gets out of the way.

Need a hand with a project?

Being short of a few extra hands or lacking niche expertise shouldn't stop you from achieving your best.

We're a team of experts in the Modern Data Stack, and beyond. Our analytics engineers come from varied data-related backgrounds and have experience working on projects in multiple business verticals.

Reach out to us: Reach out to us: Let's set you up with the resources you need to succeed.

Got a challenge with your data stack?

Wondering whether the Modern Data Stack is a good enough solution to your challenges? Unsure about which platform pieces to choose, how to architect them into a solid system, or how to tweak your existing setup for optimal performance?

Over the years, we've consulted multiple clients on data architecture-related issues as well as helped them implement industry best practices in the Modern Data Stack based data platform.

Talk to us: Let's collaboratively devise a plan that can help you to move forward.

What makes Modern Data Stack the right choice?


dbt's ecosystem enables you to build and deploy data platforms faster & make adjustments with ease and confidence by providing a framework with built-in efficiency boosters.


The Modern Data Stack enables your Data Analysts and Data Engineers to work on the same platform at the same time, each refining their own part - together but still independently.


The Modern Data Stack is a rich ecosystem equipped with seamlessly integrating tools for data ingestion, job orchestration, dashboarding, and more.


dbt and its peer tools have vibrant communities of professionals with various roles and backgrounds, always ready to help you out.


dbt is free. Not free to try, not free with limited functionality, not even free to a certain limit. It is, actually, completely free.

Playing our part in the community

We've gained a lot from dbt's blossoming community and we're regularly contributing to it.
It all started with an invite for our CTO to dbt's Berlin meetup, asking him to give a talk. This event sparked inspiration to start our own venture—a Budapest dbt Meetup Series for the local community where attendees could learn and sync-up together. Since then, we've set up and continue to manage the #local-budapest channel in dbt Slack. Join us there to be a part of our online community!

The Hiflylabs analytics engineering team has curated a list of dbt resources from fellow dbt'ers which is featured on the “awesome-dbt” repository on GitHub. You can help grow this collection by contributing to it.

Some of our colleagues have created and published a ton of useful utilities (such as a Raycast extension), and Modern Data Stack related guides and tips & tricks.

Check out our blog and follow us on LinkedIn for easy access to all this, and more.

We want to work with you.

Hiflylabs is your partner in building your future. Share your ideas and let's work together!