Data & Strategy Advisory

Data & Strategy Advisory

Our industry leading clients report that the main challenges around data are not about its collection. Businesses can accumulate vast amounts of data by their own admission. Rather the most common question is: “How can we generate value from our data.“ Our advisory team was created to answer this very question.

Members of the advisory team have a deep understanding in:

Use case and idea generation

What category of use cases may fit a business specific scenario?

Strategic and governance issues

How to build up your data pipelines?

Enhancing data literacy

How to shift your business to a more value-based operation?

Hiflylabs' advisors are experienced in aligning complex digital projects with pre-existing business processes so that you can integrate our new solutions into your ongoing operations.

Data Exploitation & Use Case Preparation

Finding value in an ocean of data poses a considerable challenge. You are able to identify the best possible way to exploit value from your current and planned data sources with the help of our consultants. Our advisory process starts with drafting practical and tailored use-cases with your help to best fit your needs.

Aligning Data Solutions to Business Processes

This methodology guarantees that your business needs will drive the development process and ensures that the developed tool will flawlessly complement your current operation and processes. You will be assisted in your complex digital projects at an operative level.

Data Governance & Data Strategy Reinforcement

Maintaining a successful data-driven organization requires a solid foundation. To access the most value from your data, we prepare the necessary frameworks to handle data efficiently and develop a data strategy with your insights. Once the foundation has been established, as implementation partners, we guarantee that we operate in line with its standards.

Data Asset Evaluation

Some drawbacks of having an ocean of data is that it can quickly become hard to maintain and thus, makes it difficult to identify which data sources are most useful to you. We can help you assess current data assets as well as draft new ideas.

Data Literacy & Data Culture Enhancement

A crucial part of being a functioning data-driven organisation is a general affinity towards data from all employees. Your workforce needs to understand, be able to handle and analyze data or data-based tools on a daily basis. Our consultants can enhance the digital affinity of your workforce through customized workshops, training and courses.

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