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A simple plan for
a solid data strategy

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight”​

Carly Fiona

You hear the term “data driven” everywhere... but what does it mean for your retail organization?

A business is data driven when it:

Celebrates more successful campaigns because it knows its customers better​
Retains more customers and increases loyalty because it can serve them better​
Has better modelling capabilities for unknown or hard to predict variables
Can easier understand historical events that affected its operations
Has a more streamlined workflow with less friction, redundant work and misunderstandings
Can run cheaper and faster experiments without wasted resources

Cherry on top: a data ready business has happier colleagues, which leads to more satisfied customers... and increased revenue.

4 weeks, 3 steps

The SODA Launchpad Sprint gets you to the first milestone of winning with data and analytics

We start by...

Discussing your business problems and goals
Pinpointing areas where we can get you results fast
Experiment: Creating a Proof of Concept project around the selected goals

After the sprint, you will have clarity on what exactly to do next:

You will have proof of what data strategy to follow
You will have a roadplan for using data to generate revenue
and cultivate a data-driven culture.

Hand in hand

With the SODA Launchpad we work together with your experts and provide an easy to follow, clear strategy.

A plan with actionable milestones and a quick turnaround pilot project that helps you understand how to reap the long term benefits of being a data-driven business.

No more questions

The question is no longer whether you should care about the buzz around data science.

The question is whether you care about your sustainable growth? 

Whether you have long term goals with your business, and a future for your services?

Much like when flying a plane, relying on accurate data to lead your business is crucial. 

The next step: a conversation

If you know that there is gold in your data, let's talk about how we would implement the SODA Launchpad Sprint for better marketing and revenue.